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8th-Jun-2010 04:49 am - HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY BEST BUDDY

TING HUI FANG FORCED ME TO DO THIS. Lol, okayy, finee. She just said birthday post but I went and created a video instead. I should have realised that it was already 12.33am....

I know the quality of the video sucks but yahh, that's bcse the pics that i have are low-quality luhh (ty t my picture supplier nonetheless) and this took me close to 5 hours. The reason why I'm awake now (4.44am) is due to this too. Ahh, i wanna sleep D:

Anwww, Happy Birthday Ego Maniac, hahahaha. Hope you enjoy the video :DDD

Edit: The video now has "SLIGHTLY" better quality and a few insignificant changes :D
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